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The spirit


The 7 Mas Provençal

Why the 7?

… Here we have a nice and mysterious name, which can be the source of many questions from our visitors.
7? As in highway 7, the most famous “of French and European roads, which leads by car or hitchhiking to the shores of the Midi,” in these terms once celebrated by Charles Trenet.
7 as in the seventh month of the year, July, named in honor of Julius Caesar, born on the 13th of that month, as did the property owner.
7 as in the number of rooms that it offers?… Or 7 as in the number of hectares surrounded by olive trees, with Mediterranean essences available to your well being?...
Yes, without a doubt there is a bit of all that in the origin of its name, but it is mainly for the “Magical” nature of the premises on which it is erected and which carries the number 7, that the Mas was baptized…

In the heart of Provence, to escape and lose oneself in the small flowery grove that surrounds this former stud of the nineteenth century, 6500 square feet in size. Reconnect with nature, listen to the song of the circadas, smell the relaxing scent of lavender and laurels. Relax in the shade of ancient olive trees that have seen, 200 years ago, some of the major inventions on the nineteenth century, still perpetrated by the owner.

Recently renovated, the Mas is equipped with the latest technologies that combine comfort and modernity so that everyone can feel well without distorting the picturesque spirit.

Wifi, swimming pool, bicycle, jaccuzi, sauna, bowling alley, summer kitchen, etc. are here to make your stay with your friends or family a moment of exception.

   The Spirit