The 7 Mas Provençal

In the heart of Provence, the 7 Mas Provençal is a friendly and comfortable place with high quality equipment.
Shaded by trees ,offering the softness of its terraces or its swimming pool, this cottage has a hosting capacity of19 people. Entirely at your disposal, each room is elegantly decorated so that every guest can feel good.

Light, colours, landscapes harmonise and form an array of exceptional beauty in every moment of the day.
Comfort, calm, conviviality certainly make the charm of this place.

You find out!

But why 7?

That’s a nice evocative name which raises questions in the minds of many of our visitors.
7 as highway 7, the most famous « of French and European roads, which leads by car or hitch-hiking to the shores of the Midi, » in these terms celebrated by Charles Trenet.
7 just as the seventh month of the year(July), named in honour of Jules César, born the 13th of this month, as well as the owner of the premises?
7 as the number of rooms available? 7 as the number of hectares lined by the Mediterranean essence olive groves for your well being?
Indeed, probably is a little bit of all of these which suggest the origin of the name “7”. However, it is mainly for the ‘Magic’ character of places on which it stands and which the number “7” is the bearer, so was the Mas named.

At the heart of Provence, escape and get lost in the small flowered wood bordering this former XIX century stud farm, vast of 600 m2.  Reconnect with nature, listen to the cicadas song, inhale the relaxing laurels and lavender perfumes.  Relax in the shade of old olive trees, planted 200 years ago,some of the major inventions in the XIX century and symbol of modernity,still carried on by the owner.

Recently rehabilitated, the Provence cottage is equipped with the latest technologies which combine comfort and modernity so that every guest should feel good without however distorting the picturesque character of the site.
Wifi, swimming pole, bicycles, jacuzzi, sauna, bowling alley hot dishes, baby foot, billiards, ping pong table etc.…are available to make your stay with friends or in family an exceptional one.

A bit of history

The village gets its name from Saint ANDÉOL vivarais.  The appellation SAINT ANDIOL is relatively recent, as in the writings of the 17th century as we see the Saint Andéol form ( in Latin, Sancti-Andeoli).

In the 3rd century, as Arles was raised to the rank of Roman colony, so was Saint-Andiol. In 311, as Christianity became the State’s religion, Marseille dominated with the Onesus’s bishopric.  Thus, Saint-Andiol was either a colony of Arles, or of Marseille and such until the 10th century.

The next century, while some minor conflicts erupted between Arles and Marseille, an event played an important role in the future of the village: the Foundation of the Abbey of Saint Victor.  Saint-Andiol, bequeathed by William 1 to this Abbey, became a private property protected by members of the clergy.  The village is truly establish around a religious building which could be either an altar or an oratory in honour of Saint Andéol.

It is from this era that concrete evidence is found of our village in applied decisions from Saint Victor’s Abbey Cartulary.

A beautiful village overhanging the Valley…

Saint-Andiol is a typical Provençal village quietly establish along the Durance between the Lubéron and the Alpilles.  Strategically located on Nationale 7, close to the A7 motorway and bordering France and Vaucluse, Saint-Andiol is an excellent place to glow throughout the region and also visit some major sites.

Admire the imposing and beautiful XIV century fortified Romanesque Saint Vincent church of the XII century. Just beside the Church, you will find the Renaissance Saint-Andiol castle of the XVII century.


Located 1km from St Andiol

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