Lubéron is a region with breathtaking scenery. Its villages nestled on the mountainside, its castles, or even its ochre cliffs all fuel the desire to get more acquainted with this area. Enjoy exploring its paths on foot or cycle during sunny days. So, it is possible to plan a full itinerary to cover in few days. For a pleasant stay in the heart of its idyllic nature, the best is the Luberon’s rental accommodation.
It is also possible to take a trip in the Lubéron region to discover its history by visiting its monuments and museums. Discovering the region’s hidden treasure is again possible by following a circuit on foot. Can be done either alone, with a bag hanging on the back, accompanied or still, in family. Among the most famous sites, we have for example, the Plague Wall in Cabrières built in 1720 to prevent inhabitants of Marseille and other cities where the plague thrived from entering the region. It is possible to cover a distance of 6km along the wall to admire the scenery which has little change over 3 centuries. During this course, the plague’s boundary Wall in Cabrière remains the focal point for tourists.

The Mirabeau bridge is a monument that holds a place of importance in the region and in the French culture in general. Indeed, it served as a décor for Jean de Florette and Manon des sources’ films, directed by Claude Berri. The present bridge was built in 1987 and it spans the Durance, but it is still possible to admired the remnants of this bridge as well as its pier.

The village and the cows’ enclosures which seem to be abandon in the middle of nowhere is worth visiting during a trip in the Lubéron region. It is interesting to see those stone huts which served as seasonal housing to the shepherds and their animals. For a long time now, the village is inhabited due to its habitants who headed to the town.

Garrigue is part of Lubéron’s classic scenery. Discovering this region can’t be fully achieved without passing through its brushwood in the middle of nowhere. The nature lovers will love admiring the region’s plants and animals which are in the milieu.
Luberon also has interesting water points and courses. Though there is often severe drought , it is possible to walk along Aiguebrun and admire its course. Fishing lovers will be able to dip their lines and catch some fish. The Largue and Laye are also rivers along which one can enjoy beautiful scenery. Also, it is possible to taste and enjoy a heavenly silence on these rivers.
Lubéron is located just a few kilometres from the sea and the its cottage. As such, guests will be able swim in the water at the end of their journey in the heart of the country. Through out the year, the water of the river remains fresh and pleasant and one can also relax while enjoying the sun.


Its culture, traditions, a little bit of history, not to mention the monuments and the geographic situation that make the Riviera a mythical place, one must discover this part of France. In order to better enjoy your stay in the French Riviera, it is advisable to first find a rental cottage near the hilltop villages. Many think of just meeting some mere villages-museums who witnessed the passage of history in this region. However, there are much more and the authenticity of some villages will amaze some. Among the most visited villages, one should not miss Correns, an exclusively organic village. Gassin, a village that exudes serenity, even if it is located only a few steps from Saint Trop’; Callas and the silence that reigns in its alleys or Tourtour also known as “the village in the sky”.

But other villages even more incredible in Nice, are worthy to be discovered such as, Eze, Peille and Peillon, l’Escarène, so many villages which seem to spill directly into the ocean. The decision to hide up in the mountains to escape from different invasions is what history did to these smart villages.

During visits, the different culinary specialities will make the greediest salivate. Besides, lodging in a mountainous provincial cottage in Côte d’Azur enables to taste typical meals of the region such as, anchovies, braised beef, anchoiade, ewes milk, estocaficada, stuff from Nice and many other tasty recipes.

In addition to the historical and gastronomic discovery, several monuments are worth visiting on the French Riviera during the holidays. Visiting these historical monuments is profiting from a historical discovery, another way of enriching oneself culturally This is easy especially as the visiting of all monuments is free for children under the age of 18, and for all citizens from the countries in the European Union and aged under 26 years old.

Among the most interesting monuments, we have the Auguste trophee in Turbi. Raised in the first century before Jesus Christ, to celebrate the victory of the Roman Emperor Auguste, who conquered the people of the Alps,this building overhang all the French Riviera of Estérel to the Italian coast. Visitors have the opportunity to admire engravings, models, castings and also a breathtaking view. Saorge Monastery, Franciscans’s former convents founded in 1633. The reformed church has a Baroque style and managed to keep its design since the XVII century. The decoration is one of the marvellous things one can admire: frescos, sundials, stations of the cross’ painted on canvas of the Maritime Alps. Everything to return some centuries before in one trip.

The cloister of Fréjus Cathedral is an authentic baptistery of the 5th century. Attached to the Cathedral, it forms with the former episcopal palace and the medieval buildings, a set which decorates Jules Caesar’s former city founded 49 century before Jesus Christ.. Covered with lumber coffered painted with imaginary bestiaries, the galleries of the cloister give a unique representation in this region. The Abbey of the Thoronet, wonderfully situated in a wooded environment, is known for its “wild stone”. This is the ideal place to admire one of the most exceptional Cistercian architecture. Built at the end of the XII century, this monument is part of the”three Provençal sisters” with the abbeys of Silvacane and Sénanque.

Porquerolles island is one of the must visit place on the Côte d’Azur. It is the largest of the three islands of Hyères, and it is particularly loved for its beautiful beaches accessible by boat or jet-ski. Examples of beaches include, the Courtade or Notre-Dame beaches respectively. In addition , Porquerolles island is also the mark of all tourists who love visiting the town on a bicycle.
Lying in a circus of greenery, the commune of Rayol-Canadel opens to the sea and the Islands in the South, and is surrounded by the Maures chain’s massif in the North. The place is perfect to flutter about while lovers of beautiful sandy beaches will find a real paradise. Coves and bays are also waiting for visitors for unforgettable souvenir pictures.
Going to the Côte d’Azur without passing through the most famous seaside resort of the area would be a mere trip. A true suitable place nestled in the hills and well sheltered from the mistral can be only a place where is good to live. Bandol also has all its charm in the ancient villas tailgating small coves.
The French Riviera is the favourite place for lovers of perfect tan on beautiful beaches, and also those who easily marvel when looking at a very beautiful sunset over the coast. It is equally a perfect destination to discover the Varois hinterland where originality is required be it in the environment, hospitality, accommodation or catering. This makes it easy to improvise as a tourist in this territory for a weekend or a longer stay. To know more about this region where it is never hot enough for holidaymakers eager for discovery and adventure, a rental cottage is necessary.


The invitation to travel is everywhere in Provence, lavender fields, shady walks in footpaths. Feel good to get lost and be lulled by sweet scents. Pony trek are perfect to discover the beauty of Provence, a wonderful ride at the peak of hills that will leave a lasting memory to travellers. Insistent chants, languorous sun, vineyards sun brass and olive groves burst in the Provençal landscape and dazzle.

… is to discover friendly people, a singing southern accent and a unique conviviality.  Each house, each cottage owns its past, its family history but have one thing in common, the love for its Provençal lands.

Also discover the delicious cuisine mainly made up of vegetables and olive oil, rediscover the authentic taste in the dishes of our grandmothers, sunny dishes with blazing colours. Artisans are precious and important to inhabitants of Provence because they give back life to ruined buildings and make extremely beautiful jewellery.  The magic of wild places and the authenticity of the adjoining villages are in perfect harmony with the eternal nature.  Here, no constructions, no buildings, it is authenticity and conservatism which precede.

The steeples, old cafés in villages, painters and writers are precious witnesses of the passing time.  Aix-en-Provence is like an open book, one will have to go for the discovery of the hidden sets, its enchanting architecture and walk in the footsteps of Cezanne by pushing the door of his Studio.


Since 1947, date of creation of the Avignon festival by Jean Vilar, the Papal city is been transformed in the capital of drama during two weeks. The most legendary and most unusual places of this city include, the prestigious Papal Palace Court of honour which host multiple theatrical and performing arts thereby making this festival one of the most important in the world both in number and the efficient presence of artists. The 2016 edition of the Avignon festival, the 70th, will be held from 6 to July 24. 7 uses this opportunity to welcome you to fully enjoy the largest theatre stage of France. During the two days of artistic delight you will find at the Mas calm and comfort of a high quality and perfectly located accommodation. The rental Avignon cottage is the ideal solution for people who wish to live, rested mind, this exceptional experience. It is fully available.

The mas is located at the foot of 1912-metre of Ventoux. A mythical name for all lovers of cycling! Fans of this sport could rest at the cottage before joining the legendary switchbacks that were the heyday of the France tour. Renting a cottage in Avignon assures quality accommodation at a time of departure for this cycling ascension (Bédouin, Sault and or Malaucène). Beware, the giant of Provence is not easy! The 22.6 km that separate Bedouin summit displayed an average percentage of 7,15% and culminate sometimes to almost 11%! In addition, wind can be violent and the aridity of its summit exposes in the summer heat and a cold winter. Cyclists who plan to add the Ventoux on their track record will have a serious preparation and not underestimate the difficulty of this mythical summit. The Provençal saying “equilibrate is he who goes up to the Ventoux but he who goes for a second round is not”, must not however discourage the best trained cyclists who will find ideal conditions to prepare their ascension then recover after a particularly demanding ordeal.
By its geographical location, rent a cottage in Avignon puts you in the heart of the most beautiful wonders of Provence. The national park of the Luberon, its hilltop villages (Gordes, Lacoste, Oppède), its cows, the ochre of Roussillon are only a few minutes. Humble and authentic, the cow’s village reveals during the garrique This set of thirty dry-stone huts was a temporary but cleverly designed habitat which enabled exploitation in the right season of remote land in the villages. These pure and simple constructions represent a real architectural force, indeed,they are the result of a stacking of non natural stones with a corbelled Vault. The Valley of ochres in Roussillon offers a surreal landscape which show an extraordinary palette of colours. The Oxide of iron present in the sand colours the cliffs yellow to the purple. This Provençal Colorado offers an exceptional setting for lovers of photos. A little further, it’s a real Cathedral of wonderful colours, carved by the ochres of the country of Apt, which opens to you on a trip into the bowels of the Earth. Remnant of the industrial use of ochres, this maze is now protected. Visitors are guided along 650m of specially converted galleries. If you wish to discover the beauty of its landscapes and the strength of its exceptional historical heritage at your own pace, the Lubéron offers cyclists routes signposted in both directions. 7 lends the necessary cycles for this gentle discovery. Some few distance ahead, the magnificent stronghold of Baux-de-Provence, Arles arenas or even Marseille with its old Port, Bonne Mère and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) civilization museum, the Camargue and of course the Mediterranean open its doors for days of total escape. Enjoy the wonderful local markets for shopping and try, thanks to the cottage cuisine, some colourful and fragrant recipes which southern France owns the secret to delight the eyes and the taste buds. Carpentras market which is held year-round, Friday from 8:30 to 13:00, is quite incredible! It is also classified “market of exception” since 1996 for the quality of its products and its atmosphere. Do not missed! As well as to find some few good local products and to embrace the unique atmosphere which drives the alleys of this wonderful market. And for flea markets and antique lovers, they will have the opportunity to go antiquing in Isle, Sorgue. A true Mecca of antique and furniture, more than 350 antiques and second-hand dealers open year-round on weekends and holidays in the Sorgue Isle. Island which host enthusiasts. Easter and August 15 antiques fairs are considered as events on a national scale.


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